New York Times back in ‘climate-proof Duluth’

The New York Times is vaguely claiming Duluth “has welcomed thousands of new residents from out of state” in the past four years, citing climate change as the “motivating factor.”


Chester Knob

about 1 year ago

I know that I am personally having a hard time "coming to terms" with the incredible throngs of Californians, Texans, Floridians, New Yorkers, South Dakotans, and Samoans taking refuge in Duluth from the terrible devastation taking place in their homelands due to the effects of climate change caused by eating meat and farting. It is incredibly obvious that we are at the very brink of total breakdown of all societal sand natural Earth systems if we don't shrink airline seats just a little more and fit more people on the MSP to ATL runs in order reduce the per capita carbon footprint.

Anyway, I, for one, think these poor refugees who are FLOODING Duluth as we speak should be sent right back to their burning, eroding, smog-ridden climate hellholes. Screw them.

Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 1 year ago

I love to see John Jenkins in the NYT!

Dave Sorensen

about 1 year ago

Good on Mayor Larson for saying, " the idea that we are so ignoring the needs of the planet that people have to move is terrifying." And good on the person who said, " ...planet systems are connected. You cannot pick up one part of the world and separate it from the rest of the planet." I would be curious to hear @Chester Knob's sincere beliefs re: climate change.

Chester Knob

about 1 year ago

"I would be curious to hear @Chester Knob's sincere beliefs re: climate change."

I have none, just like I have no beliefs about religion or other cults. Dave, look my friend, if you can read about it in print, hear it on the radio, watch it on TV, or see it on the internet, it is propaganda propagated, ultimately, by central banking systems through their public address systems we call "the media." Because they quite literally own all media. Please: dispel this "conspiracy."

So, if "the media" tells you day after day after day after year after year that the sky is definitely falling due to "climate change," "communicable disease," "racism," "inequity" and on and on and on, consider, just consider, that perhaps you are simply being played for a fool. Because you are.


about 1 year ago

Must be a hoax.  I mean look at all this snow out there!


Ethan Perry

about 1 year ago

I figure a photo in the NYT of a surfer on a snowbank will stop cold any further in-migration of people searching for a better climate.  But it might look enticing to people who want to flee the crowds flocking to Arizona, Texas, Florida, etc.

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