Photos of Lake Superior Aquaman


Photo gallery by our fellow Duluthians. Key below:

1: Iceberg Ride #1. Photo: Troy Rogers

2: Memed. Photo: Staff at Whole Foods Co-op

3: Tea Party. Photo: Casey Rice

4: Atlantean Bartender. Photo: Lissa Maki?

5: Duluth Canal Cam Dancers #1. Photo: Casey Rice or Annmarie Geniusz

6: Duluth Canal Cam Dancers #2. Photo: Toby Marsh from a computer screen in Austin TX

7: From Evil Jeff’s Boat “Big Bird” #1. Photo: Savannah Villa

8: At the French River. Photo: Alyssa Hoppe

9: Parade of Sail. Photo: Duluth News-Tribune cover photo with note by Jim R.

10: Seen in the Shipping Lanes #1. Photo: Theresa Kautz

11: Seen in the Shipping Lanes #2. Photo: Theresa Kautz

12: Duluth Art Institute “Water Works” Show. Photo: Gene McKeever

13: Skating Island Lake. Photo: Hally Sharrow

14: From Evil Jeff’s Boat “Big Bird” #2, with Evil Jeff. Photo: Savannah Villa

15: Hoops Brewing “Aquaman Ale Release”, with Ryan Welles. Photo: Allen Richardson

16: Ice Folly with Max Moen. Photo: Lane Ellis

17: Parade of Sail #2. Photo: Anna Eileen Lieffring

18: People’s Free Skate #1. Photo: Kip Praslowicz

19: People’s Free Skate #2. Photo: Jason Kokal

20: People’s Free Skate #3. Photo: Lissa Maki

21: People’s Free Skate #4, with Allen Richardson. Photo: Lissa Maki

22: People’s Free Skate #5, with Troy Rogers. Photo: Lissa Maki

23: Log Diving Board. Photo: Leah Beltz

24: People’s Free Skate #6, with Jeff Greensmith. Photo: Laura Greensmith

25: Citywide Snowball Fight #1, Hit in the Nards. Photo: J.P. Rennquist

26: Nerd Nite Presentation, “Release the Kraken”. Photo: Chris Galo

27: Iceberg Ride #2, with Troy Rogers. Photo: Paige Reeves

28: Duluth Psychedelic Sermon at the Embassy Church Bazaar. Photo: Cam Rose

29: People’s Free Skate #7. Photo: Lissa Maki

30: Dioramarama in Sacred Heart, with Flying Shark. Photo: Sarah Heimer

31: Mayor of Snow-Fort City. Photo: Meghan Buttler

32: City-Wide Snowball Fight #2, with the Rice Party. Photo: Casey Rice

33: Somewhere There is a Crime Happening. Photo: Tina Fox

34: Duluth’s First Annual Rock-Skipping Contest, with co-judge Troy Rogers. Photo: Andy Miller or Allen Richardson?

35: Iceberg Ride #3. Photo: Troy Rogers

36: Just Took Underwater Photos of Diving Mergansers. Photo: Troy Rogers


Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 2 years ago

Hi Derek - I did not mean to omit that one; I failed to include most media photos in general for no particular reason, so thank you!

Derek Montgomery

about 2 years ago

No offense taken!  I thought this might turn into one of the running threads like the Upset Duluth post comment section so I was just making the first contribution to this collection.

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