Video: Pictured Rocks cliff face plummets into Lake Superior

Jahn Martin and Brad Gustafson, along with two other passengers, were on a pontoon boat in the area between Miner’s Beach and Mosquito Beach at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula last week when a 200-foot cliff face collapsed and slid into Lake Superior. The resulting waves put the boaters into panic mode, but everyone came out unscathed.

Why didn’t Brad back up? He explains in the video below.

Two years ago, a pair of Minnesota photographers happened to be shooting aerial footage when a similar collapse occurred.

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Bill Nash

about 3 years ago

I saw the same thing happen at Lake Powell in Arizona in the late 1980s.  The spooky thing was that we were in an open boat, and the sun was quite hot.  We had considered driving over closer to the cliff, because that was the only place there was any shade.  But we decided it would take too much time, and to just tough it out.  Then, a few minutes later, the entire cliff fell into the lake.  Lucky decision.  Lake Powell at the time was 700 feet deep in some places, so we might never have even been found.

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