Frosted Flakes in Duluth

Duluth gets a quick and silly mention in the March 13 episode of Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!, a weekly radio show produced by WBEZ in Chicago and National Public Radio. At the tail end of the clip embedded above, the panel talks about the virtues of pizza for breakfast instead cereal and jokes that people never argue about which city has the best cereal, resulting in the crack, “You haven’t had Frosted Flakes until you’ve had Frosted Flakes in Duluth.”



about 3 years ago

Nothing succeeds like success.


about 3 years ago

Duluth has long been the champion of fine cereal dining.


about 3 years ago

I always assume it's Duluth 'MN' in movies, songs, etc. (unless specifically identified) but there are 5 'Duluth' cities/towns in the U.S.  Jus' sayin'...but I assume because they are broadcasting from Chi-town it's safe to say that they are talking about Duluth MN.

Enjoyed the Cereal Killer pix... High Fructose Corn Poison

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