PDD Quiz: “I Like it in Duluth”

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and this quiz writer’s 100th PDD quiz), we’ll take a deep dive into an oft-covered song that expresses affection (or at least affinity) for the Zenith City: “I Like it in Duluth.” This PDD post may come in handy for cheating studying; those seeking an extra challenge can take the quiz cold!

The next PDD quiz will review this month’s headlines; it will be published on Feb. 28. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Feb. 24.

#1 Which musical group first recorded “I Like it in Duluth”?

The Moose Wallow Ramblers included the song on their self-titled 1976 album. Give it a listen here.

#2 Who wrote “I Like it in Duluth”?

Berquist passed away in 2016. PDD has an excerpt of his obituary here.

#3 The song’s protagonist mentions having girlfriends in all of the following neighborhoods except:

He’s also got “one up on the Heights.”

#4 Which other cities are mentioned in “I Like it in Duluth”?

Ontonagon, Babbitt, Minneapolis and St. Paul (and in some versions, Superior) are also mentioned.

#5 According to the song, how long does summer last in Duluth?

“We get summer every year for two weeks in July.”

#6 This Duluth band, fronted by Scott “Starfire” Lunt, recorded a cover of “I Like it in Duluth” for its 2001 album Crooked with Gin.

Listen to Father Hennepin’s cover of here.

#7 Which Duluth filmmaker produced a found-footage music video for Father Hennepin’s version of “I Like it in Duluth”?

Scholtz’s credits include documentaries Lost Conquest, Wicker Kittens, and Wild Bill’s Run.

#8 This Duluth bluegrass/country/folk band included “I Like it in Duluth” on its 2004 album Tales from the Dockside and on its 2018 album Time to Run.

Listen to their version here.

#9 De Elliot Brothers included “I Like it in Duluth” on an eponymous album in 2002. What kind of band is De Elliot Brothers?

Listen to De Elliot Brothers perform “I Like it in Duluth” here.

#10 A snippet of “I Like it in Duluth” can be heard at the start of “The Duluth Local Show” on this radio station.

Brittany Lind has hosted the show since March 2019.


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