Rich Mattson and the Northstars Virtual Album Release

Rich Mattson and the Northstars put out a new album last week. Skylights can be ordered at In lieu of the usual release concert, the band has produced an online “variety show” featuring three music videos from the album and a pair of live performances.

Video Timeline
00:00​ Introduction
01:38​ “In Flight” live
04:52​ Sparta Sound tour
07:22​ “Short Lived” video
10:22​ Keely segment
11:02​ “Death Valley” live from Radio Waves
13:16​ Dog Walk/Sparta
15:08​ “Kiss the Sky” video
20:46​ “Another Stupid Song” video
24:42​ Kyle segment
25:38​ Credits
26:50​ Fin

And for those interested in just the three new music videos …

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