Selective Focus: Uncle Clutch’s Video Horror Shop

In the tradition of campy late night B-movie monster and horror hosts like Elvira, Svengoolie and my personal favorite from Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Sanguinary’s Creature Feature, the Twin Ports now has a B-movie host to call its own. Joe Klander (previously on PDD) plays the part of Uncle Clutch, his pro wrestling, baby-eating alter ego. He now grumpily operates one of the last video rental stores in the world.

The show airs on Public Access Community Television, 9 p.m. Friday, 3 p.m. Saturday, Channel 188 Duluth and 180 Superior. The shows are also put on YouTube after broadcast on public access. The Video Horror Shop follows the formula of a monstrous but lovable host who introduces the film, and cuts into the movie every so often with some nutty hijinks. There’s also Rentfield, a talking videotape who dispenses trivia about that week’s film.

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