Postcard from Duluth’s Lincoln Park in 1935

This postcard was mailed Nov. 6, 1935 — 85 years ago today. It was sent to Mrs. Lola M. Smith of South Bend, Ind., from her mother.

The message on the back is a little difficult to read or comprehend, but an attempt to recast the message is below.

Dear Lola, Did I tell you we arrived safe and sound at 7:00 p.m. Ate a little and went to bed. Wasted Monday and it rained all day. A. Bertha came Monday evening just as B. Plenty noise and eats. This a.m. at 6 was called out of bed by H. Hoover saying that Lucy H. had died at 5 this a.m. She went to First Brethren Church to supper last evening and to her club after and was feeling fine. Pa and I went down. Alvin is so broken up and Frederick is on his way home from Oklahoma. As [?] in the a.m. at 6. Funeral I think Saturday. We sent A. Laura a telegram. Funeral on the Winesburg Friday p.m. Will Jummings had a stroke Monday night and not expected to live. Lucy went to see him yesterday, too. I [?] yesterday and last night and left N. & B. here. Don’t know yet if B. will go to see B. Love, Ma.



about 4 years ago

Some possible corrections of your fabulous transcription:
Did C tell you we arrived safe and sound at 7pm.
Washed Monday...
A. Bertha came Monday eve just at 5.
Funeral of Mattie Winesburg Friday p.m. 
I quilted yesterday and last night...

Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

Yes, I think in each instance HBH1's version might be the correct interpretation, or at least closer to correct than my attempts.

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