Keep Duluth Clean Virtual Cleanup Day

The city of Duluth is hosting a Virtual Cleanup Day on Saturday, April 25. The city’s website has an info page set up for the event, and participants can win a chair from Loll Designs. The website also has important information for keeping safe while participating.

Important Note: Minnesota’s Stay-At-Home order does not prevent you from going outside. However, please be safe for yourself and others. If you’re with other people or in a public space, follow safe, social distancing practices: work 6 feet away from another person unless they are a member of your household.

Staying Safe

In Addition to wearing gloves and practicing social distancing, all participants are asked to follow these safety guidelines during their clean-up efforts:

  1. When on or near a roadway, whenever possible face the on-coming traffic. Do not cross in front of traffic. Stay alert.
  2. Avoid movements that will distract passing drivers or other volunteers.
  3. Do not wear headsets which could prevent you from hearing others or distracting you from other hazards.
  4. Look all around you! Most trash gets blown around and ends up in rock and crevices or under trees and shrubs.
  5. Do not attempt to retrieve items that may risk injury.
  6. Don’t over exert yourself.
  7. Do not empty liquid out of closed bottles. Throw away bottles with liquid inside.
  8. If you find hypodermic needles, please bring a plastic bottle to the needle, then place it in the bottle and seal. Keep this separate from your trash. If you need us to pick up a needle or if you are not comfortable picking up hypodermic needles, please call the Needle Hotline at 218-730-4001.
  9. Don’t pick up any of the following items. You can report items and location in the Keep Duluth Clean Litter Report.
    1. Medical waste
    2. Hazardous wastes including motor oil, gasoline, batteries
    3. Chemical containers or plastic bottles that smell or appear to contain noxious materials
    4. Dead animals
    5. Sharp items (broken glass may be swept up with a broom/pan or picked up with a litter grabber)
    6. Unusual, unidentifiable items
    7. Appliances, televisions, furniture, or other large items that cannot be bagged

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