Postcards from the Kitchi Gammi Club

This postcard was mailed 100 years ago today — Jan. 12, 1920. It shows the clubhouse of the Kitchi Gammi Club, which opened six years before the postcard hit the mailbag. The building still stands at 831 E. Superior St., and the organization is still active. The Kitchi Gammi Club formed in 1883, making it the oldest incorporated club in Minnesota.

The postcard was mailed to Miss Margaret Heighton Stanley from someone named Dan. The message on the back reads:

Camp 102
Palmer, Minn.

Dear Friend,
How is everybody? Heard they were all getting married in that country. Ben and Ethel haven’t married yet have they? Haven’t heard anything about them lately. Of course, I haven’t been down to be claimed.
— Dan

Below are two more old Kitchi Gammi Club postcards.

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Helmut Flaag

about 4 years ago

Ah the dark underbelly of the have and the have nots. Nestled into the ghetto. I met a rube who was bragging on how he dumps 120k into that place every year. Sad.

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