Jessica Lange: Behind the Lens (in Duluth)

A CBS feature on Jessica Lang’s photography and her roots in Minnesota. She gives a tour of the area with emphasis on Highway 61, the title of her book of photography.


Buddy Mills

about 4 years ago

This is awesome! I live in Duluth but I'm originally from San Diego, Calif. I agree there's something special and undefinable about this place.

Clarice Coit

about 4 years ago

Lived in Duluth beautiful area. Beautiful place to visit.

Terri Amendola

about 4 years ago

Beautiful place for a beautiful lady! I love Duluth!

Rob Dean

about 4 years ago

Lived in Duluth more than 50 years. Beautiful place, beautifully people. One of the most beautiful places anywhere in the summer ... love the lake ... except when the wind switches and the temp drops 10-15 degrees in an hour. Took me 6 months to adjust that there was no big lake down here. However, many small lakes in “The City of Lakes.”

Helmut Flaag

about 4 years ago

She sure loves the camera. For show-and-tell I would bring my bird. Then share a sonnet in word. I once knew a codger who had her in class. She’d sculpted these hands from God given ass. Ah but the Baby Boomers might’ve had a blast. Could have been fun if only it last. A good clean run at all the low hanging fruit. If Sam hadn’t dressed them in that plastic zipper suit. I think of ol’ Jack now grinning at the ball, as some ragtime piano drifts thru the hall. Right on for the darkness. Down some lost highway.

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