Snow-Fort City, Day 8


I am running for Mayor of #snowfortcity.

No one else has declared. I have received strong support for my candidacy online and in person. One commenter said, “I vote for Leif Erikson,” but it must have been a joke. Are we not all for Leif Erikson, even though he’s dead and cannot occupy a ballot? I have been asked my position on yellow snow. I replied, “Against.” My Snow-Fort City credentials include: founder, chief architect, builder, historian, archaeologist, anthropologist, art director, sheriff, dog-catcher. I am, if anything, over-qualified. If/when elected, I pledge to midwife Snow-Fort City from mere township within Leif Erikson Park to a beach-head in the imagination.

These photos are twilight perspectives after the snowstorm. Everything still standing. If anything the structures have been improved with the addition of a layer of snow and plunging temps — they have paradoxically gained both solidity and timelessness, halfway in and out of the mind. Speaking of, the scene down at the lake is lit.



about 4 years ago

As the Protector of Lake Superior, do you not foresee a conflict-of-interest in the position of mayor as the primary (and primal) foundations of Snow-Fort City are apt to melt into the primary component of your other role?

Lake Superior Aquaman (aka Jim Richardson)

about 4 years ago

I appreciate your thoughtful question, citizen. And the answer is: nope. That is a feature, not a bug.

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