Journalism to break my heart

John Ramos changes my heart and my mind in nearly every post on the Duluth Monitor.

These two posts break my heart a little, because I know how these stories will end.

How Duluth was sold on Spirit Mountain
City gets creative in subsidizing zoo”

What do you think?



about 4 years ago

I appreciate what Ramos brings to the table as far reporting on the happenings in the city/county/school district from a policy level. No one else puts in the level of effort to attend these various meetings and put in FOI requests. With that said though, his articles often have a "the sky is falling" vibe to them and latch on to some facts/statements while disregarding others to create a conflict.  

Yes, the information is good to know and often we as the public wouldn't hear about some of this without the work, but I could do without the constant doom-and-gloom/something-nefarious-is-happening-here voice in his work.

David Beard

about 4 years ago

I hear you. There was a story about a quote from the mayor that took an everyday practice as evidence of nefariousness.

Still, for every ounce of hyperbole, there is a pound of importance.

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