Snow-Fort City, day 7


#snowfortcity day 7. Leif Erikson Park. Best day yet and perhaps even the last. The weather’s turning subzero for a while but we had this one last great day of wet, buildable snow to top things off.

Mystery volunteers had left behind usable bucket-molds of snow, and a slew of happy volunteers pitched in as they were able, including children sledding and running around saying, “This is so cool!” I built the scary totemic snowman pictured to scare away vandals; it has red eyes and tongue-spots of bird-berries, and teeth of mini pine cones. The dual rook forts of the stage are now a fully-functional battle station. The sled trails now feature a small jump and enhanced bumpers along the edge of the stage which came in handy today with the exuberant children pictured, who also did plenty of “work.” There is now a “snowman graveyard” at the park entrance, a vast unmarked cemetary presumably of snowmen. Except this one had writing on it today, “Here lies Sondra’s hopes & dreams.” Here’s to those hopes and dreams, Sondra. May they rest in peace. The tree-people fort has had a lot done by multiple teams, constructing higher walls, and a throne of snow from which I now launch my campaign for Mayor of Snow-Fort City.

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