Snow-Fort City, Day 2

It was a great day to build a #snowfortcity with volunteers Stephen Bockhold, Sean MacManus, and others including an unnamed mom with two kids in tow who attested she was a #peoplesfreeskate participant last winter. One of the kids she was with, who I’ve never seen before, called me “Aquaman” unprompted on camera while KBJR-6/CBS-3 was filming: hope that makes the final cut.

Anyway we made some progress, the stage now sports two decent proto-rook-towers; Sean began a sculptural piece; I added a snow-bumper to the edge of the stage to keep sledders safer – this should be done every winter really; also I made some repairs to Melanie Hallstein‘s epic hill fort which is the site’s most imposing structure up on the ridge. The snow is still powdery and hard to work with! But we brought spray-bottles and gallon jugs of water which made it easier to pack-n-stack. Something we may want to use as building material are the fragments of compacted snow piled on the sides of the roads in the wake of the snowplows – some of those pieces are large and architectural, and could be collected into walls and other structures (one would want a sled to transport them hint hint).

The day started with Duluth News-Tribune coverage and ended with KBJR-6 coverage. I got stood up by MPR but that just means they didn’t have to fight KBJR to talk to me about snow-forts which are, you know, almost sort of built.

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