Selective Focus: Quinn Montgomery - Perfect Duluth Day

Selective Focus: Quinn Montgomery

This week, we feature the youngest Selective Focus artist so far, Quinn Montgomery. She has been drawing caricatures of celebrities. Many are from shows that she most likely can’t watch for quite awhile. We get some background info from her dad, Derek Montgomery (previously featured in Selective Focus). For now, you can keep up with Quinn’s art career via her dad’s Instagram Feed. Be sure to check the second picture in each Instagram post to see the reference material with the finished drawing.

DM: I started documenting our daughter Quinn’s drawings as just a way to remember some of the things she was doing at her age, which is four years old. I found her style of drawing–large head with The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Jack Skellington-length arms and legs–as really humorous and fun. She’s always been very perceptive and expressive and the drawings are just an extension of that. I work from home and Quinn would bring me drawings every day of stuff she saw around the house or outside to cheer me up because apparently I needed that? I don’t know, but I always appreciated seeing her take on the world out here in Lakeside.

One day I was rewatching Game of Thrones in preparation for the final season when I thought it would be fun to see her take on Jon Snow. I chose the iconic picture of him standing stoic in a driving blizzard, printed it out and asked Quinn to draw Jon Snow. I think she nailed it. From the hair to the flat expression, it’s still one of my favorites that she has done. From there, it was just whatever popped into my or her head. Peter Griffin, Barf from Space Balls, Gary Busey, Steve from Stranger Things, Walter White. A lot of it stemmed from what I was watching that day or maybe from an article I read online or what Quinn was learning in school or at church. After Easter, she went so far as to draw family members dead on the cross. That one did not make it onto Instagram.

I’ll probably keep documenting these for awhile. She keeps asking me for more people and things to draw and I know she has a few super fans among my friends. Plus it’ll keep cheering me up during those long days working at home alone.

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