All hail Duluth’s new flag

Duluth has a new flag. Blane Tetreault was selected as the overall winner of the city’s flag-design contest launched earlier this year.

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to a community that I love,” Tetreault said in a news release from the city. “My goal in participating in this project was to help establish a symbol that represents the rich history, culture, and natural beauty of Duluth.”

A resolution to adopt the new city flag will be a part of the Aug. 19 city council agenda.

Flag Design Statement:

The colors found in this flag represent the clear blue of the sky, refreshing water of Lake Superior, deep green of the north woods, and snowy winters.

The design acknowledges the ancestral and contemporary presence of the Anishinaabeg — and many other Tribal Nations — who have called this community Misaabekong (“the place of the giants”) home for millennia. The design symbolizes the rolling water of Onigamiising (“the place of the small portage”) where the water meets and where people have always gathered to meet. Together, we call this gathering place: Duluth. Our home.

The design symbolizes Duluth’s hills and designates some of the area’s most prominent topographical features: Thompson Hill, Enger Hill, and Hawk’s Ridge. Polaris, the North Star, is perched above the city. The star symbolizes the Zenith City of the North, a leader of the northern sky and center of all good things.



about 5 years ago

It looks rather similar to this proposed new state flag, no?


about 5 years ago

The creators of the alternative state flag seem fine with the similarities. Here is a letter that one of them sent to the Duluth City Council today.

To: City of Duluth During two 1989 legislative hearings, Mr. Lee Herold and I proposed that Minnesota adopt a new state flag, perhaps through a contest. We also presented our own proposed design, the “Minnesota North Star Flag.” Thirty years later, the North Star Flag remains very much in use, as an alternative Minnesota flag statewide and beyond, as shown at our promotional website, We are delighted that the City of Duluth is poised to adopt a similar flag, created by the Tetreault family, which closely reflects our North Star Flag design (photo attached). We hope that one day, both flags may fly with the official standing which they deserve, over a great city, and a great state. Thank you for your endeavor. Sincerely yours, Rev. William M. Becker Plainview, MN

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