The Richardson brothers vs. the Alexy brothers

The Duluth-based Richardson brothers (Jim and Allen) have a longstanding creative relationship with the Duluth-based Alexy brothers (Teague and Ian). Most recently, Jim (aka Lake Superior Aquaman) has a cameo in the new video “Everybody’s Got A Baby But Me” by Alexy bros. project, Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank.

Before that was a Richardson brothers appearance on the Hobo Nephews’ eponymous 2006 album, in one of the album’s in-between voicemail tracks, where we pretended to be southern boys calling the Alexy brothers for help with a Bigfoot problem in “Booger Bottom”. That vocal performance turned into an infamous stage performance at the Norshor Theater on the mezzanine, where our mutual friend Big-Hand Steve agreed to dress as Bigfoot to drag Jim off the stage. Steve’s Bigfoot costume was a speedo, a half-gallon of corn syrup, and a bucket of human hair. No one present that night will ever forget Steve catapulting himself over the railing to drag Jim away through the crowd while pulling a cut of raw pork from Jim’s shirt with his bare teeth, leaving behind a slime-trail of sticky hair. Before that, Jim shot this video for the Teague Alexy & Medication song, “I Call You My Girl,” for the Richardson brothers’ PACT TV show “Gonzo USA” probably circa 2002.

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