Weird Waves Season 1: Great Lakes

Shoe company Vans brings its branded content team to Duluth, and the locals show them some of the winter surf “hot” spots.

We post plenty of surfing Lake Superior videos here on PDD, for a different view, you may enjoy the Vans Surf Team riding rivers.


Helmut Flaag

about 5 years ago

The exhausted slang hipster word "sick" is analogous to those petrified animal turds you see in a hoarder's hallway. Perhaps this adjective should be realigned exclusively for bloated politicians and lobbyists who see fit to have meth scheduled as a safer drug than the cannabis plant. 

Let's try it out in a sentence shall we? 

"Look at that sick dope of a jackass attorney general who thinks meth is safer than weed!"

Helmut Flaag

about 5 years ago

I could tell you stories about Racine WI that would blow your fucking mind.

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