I saw an article in Slate today about the economic imperative for bands to tour and the need for childcare on the road. I was disappointed that Duluth’s own Scott “Starfire” Lunt was not consulted, let alone mentioned. His duty as nanny on Low’s 2003 tour will serve as more good fodder for an “official, unofficial history of Duluth” on PACT-TV. What Mrs. Doubtfire is to in-home child care, rawk-legend Starfire is to tour-bus child care.

Slate: “The 21st-Century Family Band


Helmut Flaag

about 6 years ago

Jesus Christ, by definition you cannot be a rock legend if you're a Nanny!  And if somebody told me when I was that age, you know, before I was born and looking for a planet to call home, nay begging for another assignment other than Earth... that uh they fight dogs here and slit their throats before they drop em off at the clinic, I would've said, fuck this, I'm out...

Helmut Flaag

about 6 years ago

That's only the 1% though, fight for the rest.

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