Charlie Parr – “Remember Me If I Forget”

This video is from a Skype session recorded during last summer’s Frendly Gathering festival in Vermont. In an interview at the end, Parr references the famous Proctor La-Z Boy DWI incident.

Upcoming gig: Parr plays on the pier at Glensheen Mansion on July 27.



about 8 years ago

Duluth could be flattened by a hydrogen bomb,  dogs and cats living together, and PDD'd still be throwing down posts on LOW PAR TBT like we were tiptoeing through the daisies.  How about a photo of a flattened Lincoln Navigator, or children suffering through no video games? I should've got into old-timey music when I had the chance, but couldn't foresee the longevity of beards or banjos back when 'Oh Brother' hit the box office releasing a pent up hurricane of rage and desire for music from a simpler time. That said, I'm a huge fan of using alternate forms of transportation while intoxicated.  Parasailing and hang-gliding are ideal, in a Lazy Boy even better.

Did anyone else notice the pelt on the dude from the cover photo of Frendly Gathering?   Beavers would be clamoring for a view.  She looks like she's into it though!?!


about 8 years ago

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