Painting Charlie Parr’s guitar, and who the heck is Dave Hundrieser?

Charlie Parr's Guitar

My wife, Shawna Gilmore, has an interesting job. Today, for example, she painted the back of Charlie Parr’s amazing guitar. The instrument is a phenomenal work of art, both front and back. Next Tuesday is a great opportunity to come out and hear Charlie make music with it alongside his good buddy, Dave Hundrieser. Read more about Charlie and Dave, and see the garage they recorded in together previously, at Ed’s Big Adventure.

By the way, Teague Alexy, Tin Can Gin, Don Ness, Emily Larson, a stunning tap dancer, and I, will also be participating in Cornucopia at the Red Herring Lounge. Check out this amazing event on Facebook/a> and the PDD Calendar.



about 9 years ago

Dave smokes the best pulled pork around.


about 9 years ago

Edward, I'm worried your penis is going to pop out your dick-hole over this quest to hang out with artists over common folk. Did you know that the Navajos didn't even have a word for art, and do you know why? It's because they were too busy raiding, and pillaging. No that's not why,  it's because they didn't separate the two, life and art. So I bequeath you to think about this as we give thanks in the coming weeks and pray that the zombie hoards don't arrive the day after antibiotics lose their efficacy because we overfed them to farm animals, and your cave drawings a thousand years from now depicting these events are mistaken for art.

Eddy Gilmore

about 9 years ago

I'd like to keep things kind, friend. The whole point of my little "mid-life crisis project" is to simply immerse myself in the community, and yes, all of life is art. I say this repeatedly about my friends who are farmers, the folks at the hardware store who are absolutely artists in the lives of the neighbors all around me as a communal tapestry is weaved down there, experience this by being seeing life interpreted through the eyes of my wife the painter, and have observed that those called to lead our community are artists in the full sense of the term. Life is more satisfying when we dare to delight in all of these things... Frankly, I love to write about the common and simple things that most people overlook.

Tim White

about 8 years ago

The entire above litany needs to somehow become a part of Shawna's upcoming DAI show.

Eddy Gilmore

about 8 years ago

Litany. Now that's a damn fine word. Thank you kindly, Mr. Tim! We'll see what we can do along those lines...

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