Diving Among the Boulders and What I Found There - Perfect Duluth Day

Diving Among the Boulders and What I Found There

A series of dives one afternoon exploring a field of boulders.



about 10 years ago

Nice haul!  
I've been watching your underwater adventures with a morbid fascination.   I grew up on Park Point and swam in the lake or the bay  practically every day there wasn't ice, but I would NEVER go into the lake from a rocky shore.  I just knew my foot would slip and become wedged and I'd never surface.  
So watching your videos has made me realize those rocks aren't really so scary....actually,  way more interesting than the sand beach on the Point.
Very cool!

Jim Richardson

about 10 years ago

Thank you Jill. I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I agree about the interesting part. I love the secret world of submerged boulders and rock forms down there; sand beach footage is a desert by comparison. Rock beach footage is about the landscape, sand beach footage draws more attention to the figure.

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