Ten things a perfect city needs

A hipster economy and celebrities misbehaving in public are also essential for the ideal city.Except for ethnic diversity, I think Duluth makes the cut:

The Guardian: The 10 things a perfect city needs

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about 10 years ago

Thanks Emmadogs.  Reassuring that PDD readers are getting their news further afield than the DNT or Strib. Paul Mason's a respectable BBC and newspaper journalist. He namechecked Monocle magazine. It is so interesting and if you can get a copy in Duluth, splash out money and buy it; it's worth it. The owner, Tyler Brule, a native Canadian lives here in London overtop Skandium, a furniture and homewares shop that specializes in Scandinavian design where I used to work. Monocle likes Copenhagen and I think I know why.

I just returned from Copenhagen -- been there more than a dozen times over the decades -- and each time it's more wonderful than the last. It has a quiet sophistication and it's enchanting. Think Noma and Tivoli. Tivoli brings out the child in everyone. It's so not Six Flags or Valley Fair or Disney. It precedes and transcends them all. Noma, the world's best restaurant, sits on North Atlantic Pier in Christianshavn and is virtually surrounded by docks and canals in a part of an unglamourous wharf that used to warehouse seal skin, whale blubber and fish from Greenland but in my opinion it is uber atmospheric. The docks and canals make the location. So, when Mayor Ness et al. talk about filling in Minnesota Slip, I cringe. The slip is an integral part of the waterfront and its ambiance.

Visit Copenhagen if you can.  You'll love it.

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