Fargo TV remake will include Duluth character played by Colin Hanks

I just read that there is going to be a TV remake of Fargo. There will be a character on the show from Duluth.

“Colin Hanks plays Duluth Police Deputy Gus Grimly, a single dad who must choose between his own personal safety when he comes face-to-face with a killer.”

Bob Odenkirk, Oliver Platt, Kate Walsh and Glenn Howerton join FX’s limited series adaptation of Fargo



about 9 years ago

Too bad none of it will be filmed in or Minnesota, let alone Duluth. I'll still check it out, a lot of good actors, I like Colin Hanks, and Martin Freeman? Seriously? That is just too cool, he's a great actor. (Sherlock, The Hobbit, The World's End).


about 8 years ago

For anyone wondering, it's on the air now.  I've seen a couple episodes, and they are decent.

However, the show portrays a majority of the locals as dim and timid. Of course, as in the movie, the accents are generally overdone. Having said that, the story line is great along with most of the acting. So far a good chunk of the show is filmed in what is supposed to be Duluth.


Paul Lundgren

about 8 years ago

Jeff Alexander's recap on MPR notes:

Duluth fares worse, featuring a nearly-empty post office that looks like a church cafeteria and employs non-uniformed staff. This is a major Midwestern seaport, not a rinky-dink backwater with a volunteer postal service.
'Fargo' recap, episode 2: Leaving Minnesota

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