Before Big Daddy’s Burgers …

I’ve been to Big Daddy’s Burgers in Piedmont a couple of times and liked it, I need to go again sometime. However, I have a memory of another diner, an even smaller one, just next door to Big Daddy’s, (to the left at the end of the building). When I was kid, likely in the mid-to-late 1980s, my Grandma took me there when we were visiting my Great Grandma at Viewcrest nursing home. I may have only been there once, maybe twice, but it made an impression, mostly due to it’s size, it was the very definition of a hole-in-the-wall diner. There was a lunch counter that ran most of the length of it, the cook made the food right behind it, I don’t think there were even any tables, just the counter since it was so small.

Does anyone remember this place, the name, and I know this is stretching it, but perhaps pictures? It’s just one of those childhood memories that has stuck with me, and I’d love a little history? Thanks in advance!



about 9 years ago

A 1985 city directory lists a "Doug's Diner" at that location. It's gone by the time the 1988 directory was printed.


about 9 years ago

Thank you for the info! The time fits up nicely, my great grandma passed away in 1989, so I would have been there sometime before that, around 1985-87. I ate at Big Daddy's yesterday and took a peek, it was smaller than I remember, (probably because I was smaller), but I do remember the stairway. The counter and cook would have been right on the other side of it with just a lunch counter on the side with the door. Small.

Kathleen Wolleat

about 9 years ago

My mother worked at the Piedmont Coffee Shop in the 1960s. It was owned by Bob Husby and next door was the Piedmont Dress Shop. I have very fond memories of her behind the counter flipping burgers and pouring coffee for her regular customers. Every so often she would make me a malt and cheeseburger, which was a real treat back in the day. There was a pop machine in the hallway that would dispense glass bottles of pop. How I wish I had photos of this time in my childhood life!

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