Nightly disruptions in Lakeside

Has anyone else living in the Lakeside neighborhood heard the nightly “pows” around 9:30 p.m. for the past week or so? Seems like a few of them go off each night sometime between 9-10 p.m., which has been making my gun-shy dog pretty anxious, barky, etc. Any idea what the noise is or where it’s coming from? It sounds a bit like far-off fireworks, which around July 4 seemed normal, but still going off and at around the same time each evening has me wondering.


Soren d'Hillside

about 11 years ago

Evening Woofer Frogs. Mature adult males, obviously.


about 11 years ago

The 148th has been doing training exercises the past week, so perhaps it could be distant echoes from that.


about 11 years ago

Our neighborhood has super-patriots who display their love of country from July 1st until August 1st by igniting loud fireworks at exactly 2:30 every morning. God bless them and the USA.


about 11 years ago

I live in Lakeside and have not heard this -- but I have not been home consistently in the evening recently--will listen.


about 11 years ago

Signal to break Ramadan fast? OK, probably not, but I just returned from a few weeks traveling in the Balkans (where many folks are Muslim) and in some towns/cities they signaled the end of daily fasting with a sound like a shot (maybe actually a shot).

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