Oh boy! Another Open Mic! But this one’s outside by the lake!

Tonight, from 6 to 9 p.m., there will be an open mic at Leif Erikson Park, specifically meeting at the stone stage. Any short content is welcome, original material encouraged, but whatever you wish to share is fine.

I’d initially recommend 10 to 15 minutes or less of material; sign up sheet depends on turnout. It will be more informal if it’s a small group, and there will be more time available per person of course, but for a larger group there will be a sign-up sheet — probably 5- to 15-minute blocks so folks can either take 15ish or take multiple 5-minute slots if they’d rather stagger pieces/performances.

It’s intended to more informal, no chairs (you can bring one, of course) and likely no electronic amplification/p.a. My thoughts are that it’ll be a small group and we can probably just sit on the stage or grass like hippies and take turns doing our stuff.

It’d be great to see these continue happening in outside public spaces as long as the weather is favorable, possibly continuing at Leif Erikson or switching things up depending on what people want to do. I very much wish for this to be more community driven than organized by myself.

I am also trying to gather an informal group of creative sorts to attempt to have more artsy/poetry/suchlike events/actions in the area, things that interest me personally are the reclamation/use of public spaces or spaces that should be ours but have perhaps been overrun by advertising or other things not generated by the community/ordinary citizens, and finding creative ways of bringing attention to social justice issues and the general notion of people realizing we’re all humans and we should strive to be supportive and kind to one another. But again, I hope there will be a community coming together to drive what happens.

There is currently a Facebook page under the name Contemplate.Community as well as an event page for tomorrow night, also you can contact me/us at contemplate.community @ gmail.com

Thanks for reading! I look forward to folks sharing their creativity and their ideas!

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about 9 years ago

Hey! Just want to let folks know I may be doing some filming for an in-the-works public access show, if folks are cool with that. I have proper release forms for performers, and anyone is welcome to opt-out of it pressure-free. I'd love to make footage of peoples' performances available to them too -- am pretty stoked about doing this for both y'all and whatever we do with P.A.C.T. There'll be chances to ask any questions at/a little before the open mic.

I'd also like to note, if it isn't clear, this is fairly informal, I'd just love to see people come together in a sunny space by the lake to share their creative output or whatever they're passionate about with each other. Things have mostly been promoted by myself so far, I have some supportive friends, but ... well, I just want people to be forgiving about things like a lack of chairs or p.a. (still trying on that front), or if there's a low turnout, or whatever. More people getting involved would be ideal; as mentioned above there are all sorts of things I would love to see happen as far building a lil' community of creative folk to do cool stuff. Thanks for reading and hope to see, and hear, you there!

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