Recent comments feature klunky right now

You may have noticed the little section on the left column that highlights which posts have new comments you haven’t read has been malfunctioning. We know this, and we are working on it. (And when I say “working on it,” I mean going skiing and thinking about it occasionally.)

The problem started over the weekend, when a new plugin was installed to speed up the time it takes to load the homepage. Fix one thing, another one breaks. That’s how it goes.



about 11 years ago

Yes, I kept checking the alleged 'unread' Chipolte comments, since there's plenty of action now at the corner of Woodland and St Marie, and I am anxiously awaiting developments.  Instead I read the last four comments about 80 times.  Not that they're not interesting comments....

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Essentially, the problem is this:

With the new plugin installed, PDD's homepage only caches every three hours or when there is a new post created.

What makes that a good thing is the homepage loads much faster and doesn't time out and send you to an error page as often.

What makes it a bad thing is the Recent Comments list only refreshes on the homepage when the homepage is cached -- every three hours or when there is a new post created. 

Better minds than mine will figure out a solution to this at some point soon.

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