Kids Bicycles and Parts

My rapidly growing daughters have outgrown numerous bicycles and I am wondering what to do with the collection of bikes cluttering up our yard.

Any better suggestions than donating to Goodwill etc? Wasn’t there a bike shop in the Hillside at one point that might take this stuff? Or anyone know how these could go to bikeless kids?



about 11 years ago

Thanks that was the place I was thinking of.
No posts on their page since July, anyone know if they are around this time of year?

Soren d'Hillside

about 11 years ago

Just to help you out, I suppose I could start having kids again -- but that would be complicated.


about 11 years ago

Maybe call the Hillside Community Center or Nettleton School and see if you can donate bikes to kids through them?


about 11 years ago

There is a bike swap every year in April at Continental Ski & Bike that would be a great place to get rid of them.


about 11 years ago

10% goes to United Way through the bike swap


about 11 years ago

Bike Cave on Jefferson St. 1712. It's run out of the Dorothy Day House. They are open on Wed & Sat. You'd probably want to give them a call (218) 724-2054.

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