Hair Pride?

For all the beards and mustaches raised in Duluth this fall, I expected more of a bang for the end of M’ovember harvest – the epic month of facial hair. Was something posted somewhere? A gallery?

I do some freelance work for SwimCreative and see they posted this video of Mike Malone getting a classic shave on their Facebook page.


Isiah Heap

about 13 years ago

Me too, I can't believe it didn't take off like a skyward flaming gerbil.

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

The pressure to live a mustache lifestyle must have been getting to Mike. It doesn't seem like something that would come naturally to him.


about 13 years ago

Never, ever, ever shave. Every month is Movember.


about 13 years ago

Jimmy Bellamy wrote a column about Movember in the DNT a few weeks back, with an accompanying gallery that was pretty good. 

Bellamy Column | Gallery


about 13 years ago

Thanks, Ben - somehow I missed this article and I'm even a subscriber.

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