UMD Alumni Fine Arts Panel

Are you:

  • An alum of the School of Fine Arts at UMD?
  • Still living in the Twin Ports area?
  • Currently making a portion of your income through creation of your art (music, visual arts, theater)?

A student group through UMD’s School of Fine Arts is looking to organize an alumni panel event and discussion in the Spring of 2012 for students of the SFA. Our mission is to provide our students the opportunity to a.) hear from those in the area who have succeeded in creating their art for a living and b.) ask questions about the ins and outs of doing so.

If you are an alum of UMD’s School of Fine Arts and are interested in helping to provide an important educational experience for our students, please email ellis477 @ with the subject: SFA Alumni Panel.

Look forward to hearing from you talented people!



about 11 years ago

Hmm, snubbing the graphic designers?


about 11 years ago

Doesn't graphic designer fall under visual art? I don't see a "dis" here.

Dr. Sunflower

about 11 years ago

I specifically mention the arts that way (Music, Visual Arts, and Theatre) as those are the three departments that make up the School of Fine Arts. Graphic design is a part of the art department.


about 11 years ago

The last three (week-long, opening on TUE @ 4PM) student exhibitions at the Tweed have been graphic designers.


about 11 years ago

I could tell many a tale about graphic design jobs in this town after 30+ years, wouldn't hurt to have a back-up plan unless one enjoys being a "contract worker" (freelancer).


Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Are we supposed to ask what "urf" means or just let that go?

Acronym for University Research Fellowship? Uterine Relaxing Factor? Underwater Rescue Facility? Made up word to express a sound made in disgust? Random letters at the end of a comment designed to confuse people.


about 11 years ago


a shortened version of hurumph with a rolling r instead. Not as ethnic as uffdah or cartoon-like as in arrrg, effective but to some confusing. Sounds like there might be a market for a dictionary of guttural expressions.. hmmm

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