Michele Bachmann at her most coherent



about 9 years ago

That's great!

Kelly Boed

about 9 years ago

This is hilarious, my 12 year old daughter has memorized it all, and does the accent and rhythm to a T! She cracks me up by quoting bits of this throughout the day.


about 9 years ago

It's a prison party!

Lord Phosphorus

about 9 years ago

Bachmann chants the ritual call to raise the undead legions crawling along the floor beneath the waves in blackness under pressure.
Her followers with hollow skulls chew their tongues to pulp and beat the air in adoration and devotion to She with Ripsaws in her Eyes.

Dave Sorensen

about 9 years ago

Uh...what you said.


about 8 years ago

+1 Lord Phosphorus.
 For some reason, this reminded me of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I have no idea why.  Maybe that thing in the end where they do the Remember.  By god I miss her though.  I never knew bat shit crazy could be so sentimental.

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