Book Signing Party for Swinging Doors, A Memoir by Quinlan Michael Hampston

Saturday, Aug. 20, 4 to 6 pm., at R.T. Quinlan’s, 220 W. Superior Street. Easy access and parking at 221 W. Michigan.

Mischief and mishap figure into Quinlan Michael Hampston’s hilarious stories of how a kid who couldn’t read grew up to be a man who would write a book. Funny, yet poignant, Swinging Doors suggests, without apology, that steering a zigzag course can land a guy in a surprisingly good place.

Hampston, an owner of R.T. Quinlan’s,  chronicles his life  growing up in Duluth, serving in the Navy aboard an aircraft carrier in the Western Pacific, Desert Storm and his life of a barkeep. Along the way, Hampston travels with a goofy but lovable bunch of characters – kids chasing trains and cows, sailors chasing skirts and bar buddies telling tales and chasing their next drink. Read more at

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about 13 years ago

The chapter on Torr is hilarious. The pictures of Ray & Mike ducktaping Torr to the bar stool are priceless. Long live Torr. I miss the ol' git.

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