Jesse Ventura for Chicago-Lake Liquor

A classic from 1984.


Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Of course, the Ventura commercial got me to remembering Nord the Barbarian's commercials for Nord Motor Co. from the late 1980s. A search on YouTube produced this cheesy documentary which features several of those commercials, as well as a reference to Duluth as the place where barbarians settled after raping and pillaging northern Minnesota.

There is a second part to this cheesy movie, but it's much worse than the first part.

Interesting side note: The scene in which Nord chases the butcher around the grocery store happens quickly, so it's hard to notice, but the butcher role is played by TV's Frank -- Frank Conniff -- prior to his role on Mystery Science Theater 3000, in which he helped conduct experiments involving ... cheesy movies.


about 12 years ago

Don't forget Mad Dog.

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