How many Minnesota artists are there?


The Minnesota State Arts Board is conducting a census to find out just how many Minnesotans are “engaged in creative expression.”

Starting last week, the state agency has been encouraging people to fill out an online survey indicating whether they are an artist, work in the arts, or help facilitate or promote creative expression. The state legislature directed the State Arts Board and the state’s eleven regional arts councils to conduct the census to help measure the influence of arts in the state.

Brian Strub, communications & government relations director with the MN State Arts Board, explains the parameters this way:

We are asking participation from anyone state wide who, professionally or personally, sings, acts, dances, writes, draws, paints, sculpts, illustrates, photographs, films, knits, weaves, directs, plays an instrument, composes, shares stories, designs, or any other form of creative expression; and any agency, business, facility, or organization that produces, presents, or promotes creative expression. I’ve been telling people, “If you’re creative, be proud. Be counted.”

Strub says the MN Arts Count will continue through the end of April. You can participate in the survey here.



about 12 years ago

Easy survey and a chance to win a $750 gift card

Jen Garner

about 12 years ago

Hi Perfect Duluth Day! Thank you for helping to promote the MN Arts Count! Like TimK commented, it's quick, easy and you have the chance to win a gift card.

Thank you! The MN Arts Count team.


about 12 years ago

Can someone explain what this data will be used for? The survey doesn't sound scientific (it's not really a census if it's a voluntary online survey, right?), and it seems designed to get as many people as possible to call themselves artists. Is the idea to try make it look like the arts are important to a lot of Minnesotans so the state will keep spending money on artistic endeavors?


about 12 years ago

The Legacy Amendment was a state wide referendum asking that a 1/2% sales tax be split between environmental programs (wetlands, hunting & fishing habitat, etc.) and the arts (through the State Arts Board and the Regional Arts Councils). Both areas of the budget had historically been underfunded and subject to crazy disparities year to year. The Legacy Amendment money stabilizes funding for both and the Repubs in the state house can't stand the fact that the citizens of MN voted for this support. Now, during a budget "crisis" they are looking to steal money where ever they can (look at the attempts to hijack IRRR funding for the general fund). This survey is perhaps not scientific, but it is an attempt to be a little more pro-active in voicing our support.


about 12 years ago

Thanks, TimK. So am I correct that by participating in the survey one is trying to throw support behind the idea of ensuring that that legacy money remains dedicated to the arts?

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