Lake Superior Waves Video - Perfect Duluth Day

Lake Superior Waves Video

I’m new to the area, so I was really excited to see the waves and film some this morning. To all locals: what’s the biggest waves you’ve seen?



about 13 years ago

Very nice video. Thanks.

Marion P. Binkley

about 13 years ago

Last night there were good 10-12 footers on Stoney Point which is where the big ones go.  It helps to dress waterproof and leave the safety of your vehicle to get the full effect.  Car windows contain harmful UV protection which blocks much of the lake's natural beauty.  Another thing to try is laying on your back near the shore and looking at the waves up side down.  Not only is this a naturally psychedelic activity, but you can rest assured knowing you're enjoying the waves in an entirely unique manner unbeknownst to others.


about 13 years ago

I, too, remember the grounding of the Socrates. I think there were waves in the canal that breached the bridge span.


about 13 years ago

Thanks Vicarious, and wow that boat story sounds like something to see!


about 13 years ago

Great video.

Les Nelson

about 13 years ago

I think the November, 2002 storm was a good one, waves crashing over the south pier lighthouse and covering canal park pretty good. Nice video, but not one of the bigger storms.

Les Nelson

about 13 years ago

Here is a link to the November, 1985 grounding of the Socrates:

Scott Tofte

about 13 years ago

I grew up in Tofte and was a young lad when the Edmund Fitzgerald sunk. I've seen lots of storms on Lake Superior, but nothing close to that one. The local restaurant, which is now Bluefin Bay, had all of the windows broken by rocks as big as my fist. If you ever get to Tofte, stop in at the restaurant, look out the windows and see just how far that lake had to throw those stones. To this day, the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed.

But to answer your question, I don't think 25-30 foot waves would be an exaggeration.


about 13 years ago

I've seen swells high enough to go over the sides of the ship canal onto the walkways down each side. Also, waves that splash over the lighthouse. The waves weren't rolling in that high, but when they hit, they crash into the air. It would be hard to make a nice video of that because it's so wet and windy.


about 13 years ago

How awesome, I lived in Superior Wisconsin for years and I still miss the storms and my home town where I grew up. I always go to the Lighthouse when I go for a visit to see family members. Thanks for sharing.

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