Mmmmmm. Monorail.

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Personally, one of my favorite episodes.

DNT Story



about 13 years ago

A few random thoughts on this issue:

1. The image in the DNT is an urban installation, but there are no skywalks in the photo (or should I say,"in the way").

2. Perhaps some kind of urban "Timber Twister" is a better solution. It would accomplish the same thing, be a tourist draw, and at $8 per ride, it would pay for itself faster.

3. How is it that the company that pitched the idea eight years ago is still looking for a model pilot project? No takers in 8 years might imply that it isn't a good idea.

4. The only viable PRT I have seen is in Morgantown, WV. College students use it to get from the housing towers to downtown campus buildings. Without 10,000 college students needing it, I don't see how ridership will be anything more than a curiosity.

5. It doesn't sound like it will go anyplace I can't go more easily and faster on my bike. Hey, maybe I can get tax payer funded money to buy a new bike!

6. To expand on #5: If it went UP the hill, and had a bike rack on it, I would pay to use it.


about 13 years ago

Properly named it could work out well. 
South Lake Union Trolley (S.L.U.T.)

"A 5-kilometer (3.1-mile) loop potentially touching the DECC, Canal Park and downtown could be built for $60 million to $80 million, Lester said."  Seem a bit much to spend for an area that is very walkable.

It should cover and area that isn't easy to get too, like up the hill or out to West Duluth.

Terry G.

about 13 years ago

Put moving sidewalks in the skywalks instead?

Seriously though, I can see a need to transport people from remote (e.g., downtown) parking lots to Canal Park/Bayfront in a unique, cost-effective, way. Not sure if PRT is the answer though.


about 13 years ago

There is already a railway that runs from out east to downtown.


about 13 years ago



about 13 years ago

"I call the big one Bitey."


about 13 years ago

Aw, TimK beat me to it! D'oh.


about 13 years ago

If someone with private funding wants to build it, go ahead. whoo hoo! I am excited. I do not want to see any of my tax dollars to go towards the project.


about 13 years ago

Was that Ness playing the piano?

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