I know it’s not the Twins but …

Bases loaded.

At least it’s not the Yankees. I’ve waited 39 years for this. Dad would be proud.


double barrell darrell

about 9 years ago

My second-favorite team, however, is playing the Yankees.


about 9 years ago

#1 sister's boyfriend has season tix to the Rangers. This was taken 14 rows up from the third base line.

I should also mention that #1 sister's boyfriend's cousin is Derek Jeter.

I grew up in the LF cheap seats at Arlington Stadium amid a decade and a half of losing seasons and Old Timer's games. Baseball was one of the only things my dad and I really could get along on (except for that brief period in the 1990s, when I rooted for the A's). 

Super Bowl? been there, done that. Basketball? Hate it. Baseball is the Gran Cru of American sports, and the team I used to watch as a kid is finally getting it's shot at the Show.

Yep. Missin' the Dad a bit.


about 9 years ago

The Rangers are actually the Twins sister team. They were both inaugurated into the American League in 1960.


about 9 years ago

Must be all those "beat the Yankees" hankies that exist out there. I know Clevelanders and TC fans both have them, surely there are more people who hate the Yankees.

And Derek Jeter is from my hometown. I think my friend in high school kissed him once or something. No free tix here though.


about 9 years ago

Lots in Minnesota trash in Dallas / Fort Worth.

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