I know it’s not the Twins but …

At least it’s not the Yankees. I’ve waited 39 years for this. Dad would be proud.


double barrell darrell

about 14 years ago

My second-favorite team, however, is playing the Yankees.


about 14 years ago

#1 sister's boyfriend has season tix to the Rangers. This was taken 14 rows up from the third base line.

I should also mention that #1 sister's boyfriend's cousin is Derek Jeter.

I grew up in the LF cheap seats at Arlington Stadium amid a decade and a half of losing seasons and Old Timer's games. Baseball was one of the only things my dad and I really could get along on (except for that brief period in the 1990s, when I rooted for the A's). 

Super Bowl? been there, done that. Basketball? Hate it. Baseball is the Gran Cru of American sports, and the team I used to watch as a kid is finally getting it's shot at the Show.

Yep. Missin' the Dad a bit.


about 14 years ago

The Rangers are actually the Twins sister team. They were both inaugurated into the American League in 1960.


about 14 years ago

Must be all those "beat the Yankees" hankies that exist out there. I know Clevelanders and TC fans both have them, surely there are more people who hate the Yankees.

And Derek Jeter is from my hometown. I think my friend in high school kissed him once or something. No free tix here though.


about 14 years ago

Lots in Minnesota trash in Dallas / Fort Worth.

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