A reminder that fire is hot

Despite the distance between this West Duluth garage and house, the heat from the burning garage melted the siding on the house.



about 13 years ago

Perhaps a burning flame in East-Central Hillside is to be blamed for the vast quantity of paint flaking from my house. It makes no difference. I want to change the colors anyway. Any tips on reasonably priced house painter?

Paul Lundgren

about 13 years ago

There was a PDD post in February asking about reliable house painters in Duluth. Follow the link below.

PDD: Duluth Home Improvement


about 13 years ago

Yet another reason vinyl siding sucks. That crap can sag even from reflections off of neighboring windows.


about 13 years ago

...and proof that, as thedoog states, vinyl siding sucks.


about 13 years ago

Though slightly unrelated, for those that are curious, here are some regs...


It's funny that under bon-fires, they call pallets "clean lumber".

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