Duluth’s Northern Waters Smokehaus on Food Network

Is the episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives involving local joints posted anywhere on YouTube or foodnetwork.com?

I missed the episode and want to see it.


No DDD for us...

about 14 years ago

I have searched high and low for this episode and  have come up empty-handed. What a sad, sad day.

Barrett Chase

about 14 years ago

I'm not sure if the Northern Waters episode is available online (you can search for it as easily as I can), but the other episodes have yet to air.

Barrett Chase

about 14 years ago

It was really interesting to see how all the smoked goods were made. The Gordy's Hi-Hat episode will air on July 26.

Fan of Ham

about 14 years ago

Cold Turkey.  Nuff' said.


about 14 years ago

I've looked off and on for the Northern Waters episode with no luck starting the day after it aired.  The food network triple d website has episode information but no video.


about 14 years ago

My understanding for all of those episodes was "fall."


about 14 years ago

They're re-running it already. I caught it late the other night. If you have a DVR, just search through the episodes scheduled to air... Good luck; it was really interesting.


about 14 years ago

I want to see the episode about a real dive, the Anchor Bar! The Univ. of Wisconsin press is putting together a book on dive bars in that wonderful state and asked me for recommendations of dives in Supetown they must include, I told them the Anchor, hands down!


about 14 years ago

Real dive: Beth's Cafe on Aurora in Seattle, and its cousin the Hurricane (formerly the Dawg House)


about 14 years ago

Try hulu.com. There are many episodes or segments of DDD posted, I just didn't have time to hunt for this particular one. Quicker if you know the actual air date.

Rubber Chicken

about 14 years ago

From foodnetwork.com:

Tune in Aug 14, 9:30 p.m., or Aug 15, 12:30 am

Episode DV0908H

This trip, Guy's pulling up for a different kind of fast food. In Honolulu, Hawaii, a 48-year-old drive-in where burgers and dogs come with rice and macaroni salad. In Duluth, Minnesota, a deli on the north shore of Lake Superior where you can grab fresh smoked fish (for here or to go). And all over Los Angeles, a taco truck doing Chinese-Mexican fusion.

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