I-35 Constructiageddon at Night

A few (unedited) night shots of the I-35 construction in West Duluth. Or is it Mars? Yeah, it might be Mars.

I really wanted to shoot these on a foggy night, but the one night I had time, it was relatively clear. I’ll have to go back again soon. The way I understand it, the construction will go on for a *wee* bit longer, as will the damp weather.



about 14 years ago

These are fabulous photos---how eerie can it get?  I love industrial shoots.


about 14 years ago

"Constructiageddon"....  "Mega Project".... "Clusterf*#k"....     I love the construction season rhetoric!


about 14 years ago

With a little more garbage this would look really similar to the opening scenes in WALL-E. Great pics!!


about 14 years ago

I'm so glad you took these. I wish I could snap pictures but I'm always driving.  I drive through this twice a day, usually headed in the opposite direction of traffic since I'm apparently a reverse commuter.  But the scenery is just unreal to me.  

Today on the way home two huge ummm ... machines, the things we used to call steam shovels back when they used steam ... anyway two of those things had giant electro magnets attached to them and were picking up the tons of twisted rebar that was left behind from one of the (nearly) demolished bridges. If I didn't know better it would have looked like they were salvaging scrap metal after a cataclysm.  Otherworldly and apocalyptic scenes for sure.


about 14 years ago

At first I thought the first photo was of the Chicago skyline in winter.


about 14 years ago


srsly, these are awesome!


about 14 years ago

These are really, really cool Barrett.


about 14 years ago

How very Mad Max-y.

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