The Hold Steady in Hayward July 2

We’re so excited, we’re doing back flips here! Of course, this is leading to serious injuries and skyrocketing group insurance rates, but here’s the skinny:

Community radio station WOJB is presenting The Hold Steady with special guests The Whigs from Athens GA and Milwaukee’s best kept secret, Jaill in concert July 2 at the Lac Courte Oreilles Convention Center, four miles east of Hayward at the junction of County Highways B & K.

And only 20 bucks in advance! Tickets are available at or by Visa/MC over the phone at 800-776-3689.


Barrett Chase

about 14 years ago

I've always loved the Hold Steady, but yesterday I heard "The Boys are Back in Town" and realized that it sounds exactly like a Hold Steady song. So now I either have to start hating the Hold Steady or start liking Thin Lizzy.

I'm not sure which direction I'm going to take.


about 14 years ago

I'd say give Thin Lizzy a re-think, Barrett! Is that so wrong?!?

Seriously Barrett, what draws me to The Hold Steady is their masterful way of synthesizing what is great about the "classic rock" thing while at the same time transcending the "cock rock" posing and often-inane lyrics. Classic rock with a small 'c' is how Tad Kubler characterizes The Hold Steady's approach...more of a cultural common denominator that merely a nostalgia gimmick.

Hope you're able to reconcile the cognitive dissonance you're experiencing right now and come to the show July 2nd...I'll bribe you with a beverage of your choice...


about 14 years ago

Like Hold Steady.
Love Lifter Puller.
Miss Lifter Puller in the Entry.
Like Hold Steady.

Seems like C. Finn has been taking voice lessons.
Like C. Finn taking voice lessons.
Like H. Steady. 
Miss L. Puller.


about 14 years ago

"We hit the nightlife like deer in the headlights/Frozen and jonesing/And uptight with the stagefright...I'm nailed to the nightlife like Christ on the cross/I've got a terrible cough/My skin is like see-thru/I've been trying to meet you..."

It couldn't have got much better than that, & miss LFTR PLLR...also miss the early HS, but still love 'em, damnit all. Allowing for aging, growth, change, all that scary shit.


about 14 years ago

Father Hennepin's second show was with Lifter Puller, Giljunko and us at the old North Star Bar in Superior. Lifter Puller blew me away.


about 14 years ago

LFTR PLLR...that takes me back to the daze of seeing them and Arcwelder.


about 14 years ago

I was in Hayward this last weekend and it was a blast ~~ found the arts culture there a fine surprise. A road trip to this show would be a mighty fine time! Two places definitely worth checking out are the Pavilion & the Angry Minnow! Great food, great energy, great people.


about 14 years ago

Hey Jill, glad you enjoyed your time in Hayward - it was a pleasure meeting you guys at the Pavillion Sat night.

We do have an emerging arts culture here that is surprising for the size of the community. And it's just a beautiful place to be. And our proximity to Duluth is a great reason for all of you Hold Steady fans to take the hour-and-a-half trip down for the show. Hayward is the closest opportunity to catch them on this tour.

July 2. The Hold Steady w/The Whigs, Jaill. 3 bands. Only 20 bucks in advance AND no Ticketbastard taxes/fees to contend with - if you get them directly though or call us during normal weekday business hours at 800.776.3689.

The LCO Convention Center is located 4 miles east of Hayward at the junction of County Highways B & K.

The venue's hotel is already booked up, but there's tons of great camping in the general area, esp. in the Chequamegon Nat'l Forest.

Hotels may still have some vacancies, too. ACT FAST!!!...go to OR your fave hotel booking site.

Did I say please? And thank you?!?


about 14 years ago

Hey Starfire & zra...never got the opportunity to catch LFTR PLLR live. Would've been balls. My wife and I relocated here in 1995...I started catching buzz about them in '97 of '98 and found a used copy of the s/t full-length at Electric Fetus and was hooked. By the time I got my hands on Fiestas & Fiascos and was burning uncontrollably to see them, I found out they had disbanded...I was bummed.

Then, in 2004 while I was doing my visual arts grad work at UWS & spending a lot of late nights in the darkroom, "The Swish" came on KUWS The Dean's List show, and I thought, "Oh - there's a cool LFTR PLLR tune I ain't ever heard."

Of course I recognized Craig Finn's voice right away...he can't possibly be mistaken for anyone else. But I heard the host back-announce it as from the debut album of The Hold Steady, and I was like, "Who?!? Wha?!?" No reference to LFTR PLLR mentioned, but I was certain it was Craig Finn, so at my first opportunity I had to go online and check this Hold Steady thing out...

Of course, I was ecstatic...and the rest, as they say, is history...


about 14 years ago

I'm moving to Hayward mid-June, and this is some fantastic news.

Some Kid You Don't Know

about 14 years ago

Drop those posters off at my house, Jill.


about 14 years ago

Cork what are you going to be doing in Hayward? btw your $10 tip on a glass of water at RTQ closing homegrown nite deserves a follow up Thanks! thanks for 'gettin it' ~ things like that make insanely hard (yet fun) work pay off!  Hope to see ya @ this summer.

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