Nerd Nite Pi! April 27


April’s Nerd Nite is just around the corner!
April 27. 7 p.m. $5. Teatro Zuccone.

Be there, and be square.

Have you ever sat down with a Totino’s Pizza, examined your life in thoughtful introspection and wondered if a place existed where you could find out why they keep changing that insignia each time a new Star Trek series comes out, and how you can go on dates and still keep your complete series DVDs of ALF, and what is going on in the world of anime these days, and what would happen if two sisters wandered into a cemetery in Duluth with a notebook and sleuthing hats … and if said place served beer?

Well your search is over my intrepid friends. Nerd Nite has got your back.


Here’s some highlights.

Presentations include:
I See Dead People by Margie and Mary Hickman
Star Trek, The Arrowhead and You by John Lee
A Nerd’s Guide to Getting Closer to First Base by Adam Brisk, Christa Schulz and Crystal Pelkey
Full Metal Alchemist by Janette Dunder

As always, there will be drinks, games, prizes, and fun! Tell everyone! Remember, just $5 at the door and doors open at 7! If you don’t learn something useless, you weren’t paying attention!

So What is Nerd Nite? It is a collection of presentations on geeky topics and less-than-useful knowledge joined together with trivia and games, references to Star Wars and Star Trek, horn-rimmed glasses, laughter and inevitable snorting. Come in, grab a chair and a
beverage and learn something useless.

Nerd Nite Pi Facebook Page

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