Did you see TBT on the PlayList on PBS?

Karen Sunderman has a new show on PBS named The PlayList that debuted last night featuring Trampled by Turtles.  Here is a link to an interview and more information.

They have many more shows coming up with bands like Cars & Trucks and other local artists appearing on the premiere episode on April 1 @ 9PM.  That is also when it begins its regular run, but last night was a preview of what is ahead. It is really great that we now have a television program covering the arts of the Northland. If you have a story idea, want to learn more or are an artist contact them through their site at www.theplaylistonline.org.



about 14 years ago

Did. Was the bomb.

Really looking forward to this program (play list) on a regular basis/ we're huge fans of Austin City Limits round the house on Saturday nights. Hopefully Playlist gets out to the rest of the country a little more, on accounta we gots some amazing musics here.


about 14 years ago

Hurrah for WDSE, Karen and everybody else contributing to it. I'm excited about that program too.


about 14 years ago

It was very well done.  The interviews were fun and the concert footage was as good as anything I have seen WDSE do.

I love that fact that the only time I still see Rotary phones in my life is when I watch the WDSE fund drives.  I miss those phones, but part of me wants to call and donate and then say I am giving an extra $20 that will only be given if it is to buy a new phone.


about 14 years ago

Curses!!  I was planning to watch it, but forgot all about it!  Thanks for providing the links.  

I also found this link to the trailer (about 7 mins long):  http://trampledbyturtles.com/uncategorized/wdse-pbs-duluth-trailer-for-the-upcoming-pizza-luce-performanceinterview/

It would be wonderful if anyone found and shared a link to watch the whole show.  Still can not believe I missed it.  Curses continue.


about 14 years ago

Here's hoping it lasts longer than their last foray into programing covering local musicians. Few years back they had 2 or 3 episodes.


about 14 years ago

They'll need an underwriting sponsor to keep it going. Venture North is officially "done" now that its sponsor (Blandin?) has decided to put its money elsewhere.


about 14 years ago

They killed venture north? For shame! Good thing this'll help take up the slack.

Andrew Olson

about 14 years ago

They have 13 episodes planned for this spring and many more should follow.  Their funding comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage amendment.

Sunderman said, "We have a green light for 13 shows this spring, April through June, and hope to be back with 26 more starting in September.  We have a good shot at getting The PlayList broadcast on PBS stations statewide so we can really show off the talent of the area to a wider audience."


about 14 years ago

Saw the Playlist too with TPT - great show, great music.  WDSE rocks with this new series!


about 14 years ago

Anybody tape it? I would gladly trade for a copy of it.


Jacob LeBeau

about 14 years ago

To those asking where to find it, we will have it online soon. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter on the website that Andrew provided and we'll update people when it's on the web. Don't forget to watch the first show tomorrow night at 9pm. All of our shows will be online when we get our new site up within the next week or two.

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