“The medal drought is over!”

Has anyone found video online of Duluth’s Chad Salmela at the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games calling the exciting finish to Sunday’s race? For the first time in 86 years, an American won an Olympic medal in Nordic combined.

There’s a transcript on SportsFeatures.com.



about 12 years ago



about 12 years ago

Crap. That was just the recap of the Nordic Combined....

Try this, there's some good footage of Chad doing his thing. 


Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

That fancy Microsoft Silverlight video ain't working for me, but thanks, MK.


about 12 years ago

Paul, oddly I had to install it on my laptop (which made me cringe as it's a Mac) but for some reason on my desktop I didn't need it.  I figure I'll uninstall after the Olympics.

It makes me hate Microsoft more, and there is no love for NBC and their crappy access to online content (have to have a cable/satellite acct for "premium content").


about 12 years ago

I hear a Croat won bronze in the biathlon. (Thanks, Ivana!)

The Big E

about 12 years ago

I loved the Silverlight-powered video from the last summer Olympics (archery!  field hockey!  ping pong!  who knows what!), but I was really looking forward to this Winter Games from that moment on.  Hence discovering that all the full-length video was now behind a velvet rope left me filled with a deep and bitter rage at NBC.  I hope whoever made that call trips on a figure skate and falls down the stairs or something. 

[My wife even tried to access the video from work and the site demanded her home ISP login info--sinister.]


about 12 years ago

Back to Chad - There was a brief interview with him from Saturday and the xc part just prior to the Nordic Combined.  Doing a great job, he is.  The excitement he brings is contagious, and folks are getting it!  

PS - a buddy says he is going to T-Bay this weekend to see the CBC coverage of the Games.  Them 'Habs show it all!


about 12 years ago

Chad was probably the most excited person there, judging by the volume and inflection of his voice.

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