“Gaining Perspective” Opens Friday, Feb. 12, 6-8pm at Washington Gallery

Duluth nature photographer Ryan Tischer showcases new photographs

Local photographer Ryan Tischer is unveiling new work from the past year in an exhibit at Washington Gallery, which opens Friday, Feb. 12 from 6-8 p.m. The show features photographs of the Lake Superior region stretching from the Twin Ports to Michigan’s upper peninsula.

Tischer’s approach to photography is different than most. “When I’m making a photograph I try to capture the emotion that I feel in the scene. Sometimes that means taking longer exposures and using movement that exists within nature. I decided to call this exhibit Gaining Perspective because I feel my work has grown much over the past year,” said Tischer.

Many of the images in the exhibit have a magical quality to them. As a result, Tischer is often asked if the images are manipulated. Tischer said, “I see myself as more of an artist than a journalist. A camera never captures a scene exactly the way we remember it, so I make adjustments to get the image closer to the way I felt at that moment.” Tischer goes on to explain that in his mind evoking an emotion in an image is more important than simply capturing the scene and presenting it as interpreted by the camera.

The presentation of the images is also noteworthy. Many of the photographs are printed on canvas and wrapped all the way around the stretcher bars. “I think that presenting the images without any additional framing reduces them to their simplest form. Seeing them on canvas also adds to the painterly qualities that already exists in the images,” said Tischer.

The exhibit shows from February 12-28 and is open Fridays and Saturdays from 1-5 p.m. or by appointment. Washington Gallery is located at 315 N. Lake Ave. in Duluth. To view further images visit www.ryantischerphoto.com.

Please note: The Duluth News Tribune misprinted the opening date as today (Thursday) when it in fact opens Friday, Feb. 12th 6-8pm.

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