Jason Vincent new Fox 21 news director

FOX21 news director

Related: That station, WDAY, has been running an ad in the DNT classifieds for over a month, every day. Presumably they are looking to snag one or two of the many recently unemployed print/TV journalists in this town to come over to Fargo to do news. That’s gotta be expensive. And unlikely for success, I’ll venture. As we’ve seen on PDD recently the majority of Duluthians live here intentionally, cause they want to be here. As nice, prosperous and friendly as Fargo is, it certainly isn’t Duluth. Not from a natural and ecological beauty standpoint anyway.

Anyway, Jason Vincent from Fargo is on his way here. Not sure what else to say, except to wish him well. And we’ll wait and see …



about 14 years ago

Fargo has been fishing for graphic designers for a long time. I'd have to be destitute to consider it, even though it is kind of a nice town.

I always thought journalists would go anywhere for a job, particularly TV jobs. Seems like they get out of school, learn their chops here, and then go somewhere "better".


about 14 years ago

Wow. So now they're importing someone from Fargo to take over this job, when Julie moravchick, who really knows this community, was doing a kick ass job? Sad.


about 14 years ago

Now, I only watch stuff online, but I would like to see more than just news from local sources. Why couldn't there be a skit show? a late-night talk show? Daytime soap opera? 

What's stopping these stations from creating actual content other than a news hour?


about 14 years ago

mevdev, I think what's stopping them is the fact that they could not bring in enough money from doing that to be able to make a halfway decent show and also make a profit.

Rubber Chicken

about 14 years ago

What Minnie said, mevdev.  The talent would have to be able to do the show for next to nothing in order for it to be feasible.  

A few years back, KBJR approached me when I was with Renegade COMEDY Theatre and wanted us to do a sketch show.  I quoted them a ridiculously low price for what they wanted and they couldn't make it work.

Luckily, you have a LIVE and LOCAL sketch comedy show on the radio, tho!  KUWS will be broadcasting the next edition of The Rubber Chicken Radio Hour on Thursday, February 18 from 8-9pm, live at The Shack.  Celebrity Guest DNT Arts and Entertainment reporter Christa Lawler.  Musical Guest Sara Thomsen.  So come check it out, or give us a listen...and support LIVE and LOCAL content!


about 14 years ago

I would think that a public affairs talk show or variety program would have plausible marketability. But then again, maybe not.  Starting today, I guess KDAL cut back even further on local content and plugged in more Glen Beck or something, or so I heard here:  http://www.redandnater.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=77467

I guess these format changes and staff changes boil down to an effort to maximize profits and minimize losses.  In this market there could be a number of reasons for the changes: The audience is getting smaller as population declines, or if it is getting more fragmented and tough to sell "big" ads, or ... maybe it's management decisions that are causing this crisis. Maybe they are insisting on unsustainable profits from media companies, or maybe they have cannibalized themselves by offering way too many free packages or undervalued advertisements in an effort to undercut their competition.  I speak as a complete outsider there and I don't really know, but I do know that something similar with management strategies happened in my industry over the last decade.  AND apparently the whole economy collapsed last year due to similarly short-sighted management on the real estate, manufacturing, finance and basically every other American industry.  

Like I said before, respecting Claire's comment about local knowledge, I do wish the guy well.  I hope that he does an excellent job.  Obviously, a lot of people will be watching very closely and highly critically, even from within his own organization.  I wouldn't want that pressure in a hundred years.  

Rubber Chicken:  I think that your radio show with KUWS is a great concept and I wish you the very best in your new home.  I don't see why it wouldn't work to do it on TV or even commercial radio and maybe that could grow out of this reincarnation.  But public radio isn't such a bad home, look at Garry K - he's been doing it close to 40 years - the tickets for his upcoming show that is being beamed to theaters around the country came in at about $22 a head.  So clearly someone is making money there even if it is a non-profit enterprise, overall.  Also, one freedom that you have with subsidized and member supported public radio is freedom from interference by a management that is hungry for profits and profits alone.  In the national arena, at the very highest levels we saw over the last few months that no one is immune from bean counters jerking their chains. Just ask Conan.


about 14 years ago

Public Affairs Talk Shows:




Alas, WDIO gives us only repackaged Twin Cities public affairs shows.


about 14 years ago

I haven't had cable for many years - does anyone do any public access shows here in Duluth? A friend of mine in Mpls helped produce a show called the Prima Donns (hosted by 2 guys named Donn). They'd have bands, interview city councilors and other important people, discuss pro wrestling, do cheesy green-screen effects, all the stuff you need for a quality show. Not sure if that's still on or not.
I'm surprised we haven't seen more podcasts (besides Danny D. D.) with some local programming. Seems like that's the way to avoid many of the costs. Of course it also removes most of the revenue too.
The Hermantown Star launched a "TV" show on their website. I don't think it's officially started - the things they have up there are called trailers, and so far, they've discussed baton twirling and their furniture.


about 14 years ago

again I say onto all of you


about 14 years ago

oops img link didnt work
mr. toot


about 14 years ago


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