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Back in January 1997 I witnessed an unidentified flying object. It was very thrilling and exciting. I’ll never forget it.

It was early evening. I was on the Midway Road. The object appeared as a bright star but larger than other stars. Within seconds it shot down to about 20 or 30 feet above me. I couldn’t see the top of the UFO, but the bottom shined in glowing red, green, blue and other lights. It hovered above me with such beautiful colors, blowing in the night. Within 15 to 25 seconds, it shot out in the night. It was over Cloquet within about 10 seconds. Nothing manmade could ever fly that fast.

That was my first and only sighting. I firmly believe it was a message from God that someday the Scenic Railroad should park those coal cars somewhere else.  And also, Tim Pawlenty would make a really rotten governor, let alone President.

Who knows what the future holds; only God knows for sure.



about 13 years ago


Be careful. I was recently informed in a response to another of my posts on this site that NOBODY likes sarcasm and that I will die a friendless, sad, hollow curmudgeon if I don't change my ways and embrace the philosophy of Barney the Dinosaur for my everyday demeanor. 

I was going to dismiss the advice, of course, until I was visited in the night by a hovering 30'luminescent purple dong, which I built a small shrine to out of grass clippings and dried cat poo. I now pray to it every day and believe that it is proof that sarcasm is for "meanies". I intend to make it my mission to walk the earth like David Caradine in order to speak the truth and spread the word of Dong.

P.S. Long live the DNT Letters to the Editor. How can anybody read that kind of crap and not be sarcastic about humanity?


about 13 years ago

T-Paw would make a better POTUS than Snowmobile Racer's Girl ever could.  Ever.

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