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Someone just posted a bunch of old WDIO news, sports and weather promos on YouTube. Here is an assortment of 1970s-era holiday spots — lots of glimpses of old TV news sets and technology … and a brief appearance by Dennis Anderson.

Also posted by the same person, a couple of Duluth commercial blocks from 1970. Here is one (I like the Target ads and the bizarre wig shop spot):

You can find more old WDIO spots and local ads on the poster’s YouTube page. There are some truly weird ads for carpet at Goldfine’s. And FYI… one ad, for camping trailers, contains some pretty offensive Native American imagery. I don’t condone that at all… but offer the link just as a 40-year-old slice of life in Duluth.



about 14 years ago

I caught jack lind of pro video @ 2:25. Can you imagine the amount of 16mm film processing that went on daily? Cool cameras.


about 14 years ago

Those ads are awesome. I wish I'd been in Duluth back when Target's corporate graphic standards weren't enforced, and when you could stand on the docks and wait for the Wig Boats to bring in the next shipment.

Barrett Chase

about 14 years ago

I want to spend an evening in that Goldfine's ad.

Amanda Prince

about 14 years ago

A ship full of human hair?!?! Egad.


about 14 years ago

I would like to remake that Wig Imports spot as a full-length feature film. (Or, alternately, I would like to watch that Wig Imports spot over and over again for two hours.)


about 14 years ago

Aw, remember flash cubes?  I thought the model in the red wig said, "I bought this in red to go with my thunder thighs."


about 14 years ago

Your reaction to the Wig Imports spot is identical to the reaction it received among my high school friends and it when it first aired.  

"I wanted to feel mysterious so I bought a blond wig." was quoted by us on several occasions in the weeks following to describe a few very "non-mysterious" looking people observed walking down the street.  

The comment above about the "Wig Boats bringing in the next shipment" was brilliant.  With an ad that rich and layered, the fun can continue down through the generations.... 

It was also nice to see some old friends in the WDIO Christmas promos.


about 14 years ago

Exactly when did Quaalude use peak in Duluth?

Mike Simonson

about 14 years ago

Wow.  Scott Maida sports, Jack McKenna (who's still alive and kicking on "Radio Superior" and film.  Classic stuff.


about 14 years ago

Speaking of mysterious blondes, is that Barbara Reyelts doing the voiceover for the wigs and the West End furniture stores?


about 14 years ago

omg...I totally remember those holiday spots. Lordy.

The wig ad WAS classic. Actually, just about all of the part 1 clips were great. Nothing like highlighting your furniture in negative image.

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